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Charlotte Westiefest / February 1-2, 2019

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Certification for Instructors

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What You Will Learn

How to prepare for your first group class or build your existing class, use of terminology. How to control a class and fix or correct problems. How to explain concepts or elements of movement; body mechanics and theory.

Course Outline

Get your certification by being a member of Global PDIA. Our course outline offers 7 courses with continued Education course that you can build off from. NOTE…….APPLICANTS MAY TAKE ANY COURSE WITHOUT TAKING THE CERTIFICATION EXAM

Certificate Holders

You get access to view the list of certificate holders who have completed the PDIA coarse(s) and what level they have completed. As well as our up coming list of professional dance videos for you to watch.

Book Your Event

Do you need a dance instructor or judge for your next event? Global PDIA has over 100 professional instructors and judges trained to handle small and large events.

Recent Graduates

Global PDIA is proud of our Stockholm Swden participants who were recently certified to teach West Coast Swing by Elite Advanced Instructor Odd Vesterli.


Certified Instructors


Certified Judges




    The certification course is 5 hours plus 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the exam (if taken). Participants may take the course without testing, but cannot be certified without the exam.
    (Note.. Participants can take as many classes or private lessons needed to prepare for the 5 hour course. If taken privately, the instructor can use the last hours of your training as the five hour course and should be charged as in the following Fee schedule. In this case you would not have to take a separate 5 hour course.) That course can only be instructed by an “ELITE ADVANCED” or “MASTER” instructor of the Global PDIA.


    If taken in a group setting of 6 or more participants, the cost for the course without the exam is $350.00 plus any floor fees owed.

    The exam is an additional $150.00 if taken in a group setting, for a total of $500.00

    If taken in a private setting, participants will pay $350.00 plus the instructors private lesson rate for 5 hours. The exam will be an additional $150.00 plus 1 hour at private lesson rate.

    Certified participants will pay $30.00 yearly current status dues to be listed on the GLOBAL PDIA web site. On this site, certified participants will have access to online CEU classes and useful teaching tips from upper level certified professionals. If participants fail to pay dues, their names will be removed from the list until paid and will not be allowed to run certification courses if applicable. NOTE… PARTICIPATING INSTRUCTORS ARE NOT CERTIFIED UNLESS LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL GLOBAL PDIA WEB SITE. ( THIS IS TO GUARANTEE STATUS AS BEING A CURRENT INSTRUCTOR UNDER TE GUIDELINES OF THE GLOBAL PDIA).


    We are pleased that you have taken upon yourself to maintain a standard of teaching that has been set forth by top reputable professionals in all styles of Partner Dancing. Note, we are not an organization that is trying to standardize a particular syllabus or a single way of teaching a concept. Simply put, we are here to aid in giving you the tools as an instructor to better explain, demonstrate and teach any movement related to dance. Throughout the course you will also receive tips on making the “Sport of Dance” your vocation.

    The GPDIA was founded by Michael Kiehm as a guideline for learning to teach, with the purpose of training aspiring instructors that would eventually be working as independent or employed teachers for the any dance organization. Since it’s conception in the early 90’s, Michael has taken the course studio on tour throughout the US and abroad and has certified instructors in all levels and styles of dance.


Contact us for questions about our programs or scheduling instructors and judges for your event.

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