Course Outline


1. How to prepare for your first group class or build your existing class
2. How to properly describe actions, use of terminology,
3. How to work with music
4. How to control a class
5. How to dance both parts to any variation
6. How to spot and fix problems (or prevent them)
7. How to explain concepts or elements of movement; body mechanics and theory
8. How to use “Drills” to develop better muscle memory

Feet positions, footwork, alignment, amount of turn, connection, styling/shaping, AND MORE!

Welcome to the Global PDIA (Global Professional Dance Instructors Association)

We are pleased that you have taken upon yourself to maintain a standard of teaching that has been set forth by top reputable professionals in all styles of Partner Dancing. Note, we are not an organization that is trying to standardize a particular syllabus or a single way of teaching a concept. Simply put, we are here to aid in giving you the tools as an instructor to better explain, demonstrate and teach any movement related to dance. Throughout the course you will also receive tips on making the “Sport of Dance” your vocation.

The GPDIA was founded by Michael Kiehm as a guideline for learning to teach, with the purpose of training aspiring instructors that would eventually be working as independent or employed teachers for the any dance organization. Since it’s conception in the early 90’s, Michael has taken the course studio on tour throughout the US and abroad and has certified instructors in all levels and styles of dance.

Note….participants will be emailed around the one year anniversary of their certification reminding them of their yearly dues of $30 to remain active on the GPDIA website.